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Lemoney Learning Courses Supported


Social Studies

Currently Supported:
Personal Financial Literacy and Economics
Economics with an Emphasis on Free Enterprise
AP Macroeconomics
On-level and AP Government
On-level Psychology
World Geography
Personal Financial Literacy and Economics Units in 3rd to 8th Grade

Coming Soon

AP Psychology
AP Microeconomics
World History
US History
6th to 8th Grade Social Studies

Career and Technical Education

Currently Supported:
Dollars and Sense
Money Matters
Principles of Business, Management, and Marketing

Coming Soon

Accounting I & II
Entrepreneurship I & II
Entrepreneurship Practicum

Lemoney Classroom

Budget shouldn’t be a constraint; we equip you with free resources in Google Docs

Instructional materials and lesson presentations

Standards alignment hyperlinked to lessons

Classroom activities

Third party resources

Video library

Email support and onboarding

Everything is completely mapped to state standards!

Our premium teacher platform empowers you with more tools

Course-long pacing guides

Projects designed for hands-on learning with deliverables and increase engagement

Worksheets to provide active learning and more practice with difficult concepts

News roundup of current events with tips & tricks

Standards-aligned assessment question bank with hundreds of questions

Pre-built module level assessments

Teacher tips and tricks documentation for how to bring our lessons to life in the classroom

Supplemental student learning platform for select courses

Additional resources continually added!

Lemoney Coaching

  • Lemoney Coaching is designed to provide support for course standards and topics, providing teachers with the support they need to bring standards to life in the classroom.
  • Pre-recorded coaching is delivered in bite-sized videos for all lessons to provide support that fits into your workflow.
  • Additionally, regularly scheduled webinars are hosted to go deep on certain topics.
  • All PD is facilitated by trained instructors with decades of real-world and classroom experience.
  • Texas Educators will receive CPE credit for all live PD completed (More states coming soon!)

Lemoney Coaching Video Examples

Introduction to coaching

Growth and the importance of starting early

Tips and tricks for teaching personal finance

Lemoney AI (Beta)

Our cutting edge tools enhance classroom effectiveness for student engagement

Instant access to answers

With Lemoney AI, teachers can quickly provide quick and accurate responses to students' challenging questions, promoting active learning and deeper understanding.

Personalized learning

Lemoney AI can help tailor lessons to individual student needs, ensuring that each student is engaged and challenged at an appropriate level.

Interactive learning experiences

Open Lemoney AI in class, and create interactive Q&A and simulations that make learning more engaging and memorable for students.

Tailored to curriculum standards

By tailored Lemoney AI to specific state curriculum standards, assist teachers with prompts it the background so that little to no AI training is needed.

Upcoming Live PD Opportunities


In depth discussion on all things PPC’s! Learn the fundamentals of what PPC’s are, how they work, and how to bring them to life in a classroom environment. Also included will be an overview of classroom activities to engage students
November 3rd : 10-11am CT

Credit: what it is and how to use it

Overview of what credit is, how credit is used, and tips/tricks for using it responsibly. Included in this discussion will be an overview of different news sources to bring real-world credit examples into the classroom.
November 3rd : 10-11am CT

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